Awards and Accolades
Hi Mark & Judy,
Just wanted to pass along a picture of the loveseat in
it's new home.
It looks great. I LOVE it>
Thank you again for all your professional help.
Put pictures on facebook and gave you guys stunning
reviews, hope it brings in some business.
Thank you, look forward to working
with you again.
Pat Quinn
DearMark & Andee,
 Thank you for restoring our beautiful Chair.
You brought it back to life letting its true elegance
shine through. Your Work is truly amazing and is so
very appreciated by both of us.
  We hope you enjoyed the holiday season. May the
New Year bring you continued health, happiness and
                                 Best Regards,
                                   Drew & Gina
Mark & Judy,

Thank you so much for the restoration job on
Joe's Great -Grandmother's Rocking Chair.
The two of you are definitely wonderful artists.
I can see the Rocking Chair lasting for another
130 years.

                              Ann & Joe
Hi Mark,

We want to let you know how much we appreciate the beautiful note of thanks you and your wife sent
to us. In today's world that just doesn't happen and we want you to know how much it meant to us.

 Thank you to Judy to make certain we were completely satisfied with our hassock. We would not change
one thing and we really couldn't be happier with everything from start to finish.

We are tucking in one more picture to show you how we keep the living room. When you walk in the
living room your hassock is straight ahead as the "crowning jewel"and it sits there so elegant and regal.
We absolutely and truthfully love the hassock and your design and workmanship. We feel blessed and
very fortunate to have found you.

Thank you to all of you. What a great team as you work together and in our eyes, a most successful team.
We are so glad that you all came in to our lives and none of this experience will ever be forgotten.

                                                                                     With Much Gratitude,
                                                                                      John and Maribeth

Dear Mark and Andee,
Just wanted you both to know how much we are enjoying
the harvest table you fixed.
 It is extremely sturdy thanks to you and makes our whole
new dining-room room work very well.

                                                Jim and Betey

The rocker and both couches look fabulous!
They look classy! What lovely work you do! My best
to you, Andee & Judy!
Merry Christmas!
                                    Kim Kelly
Dear Mr. Weller,
On behalf of the Sterling United Methodist
Church I would like to thank you for repairing our
Pastor Chair.  It was greatly appreciated.

                                    Margaret Ziegler
Mark, the rocker is beyond our expectations!
Absolutely beautiful.  
Contact Gary about picking up the sofa.
Best, Deb
I was so excited when I saw the platform.
It's perfect. I've enclosed a picture so you can see
my village and how great it looks.
Maybe next year the weather will be better so you
can visit during the holidays.
                    Thank you
                       Thank you