2009 IFAI Platinum Awards
Design and Craftsmanship
Judges Comments:
Perfect match all the way around, in every
direction.  This is a very difficult pattern to
match, especially in the stretchy chenille.  
Tailored and precise.
Judges Comments:
It's difficult to match curves but this was
done perfectly.  Creative touch in adding
the silk band to the skirt.  The fronts of the
arms use excellent pleating.  Skirt
matching is impressive.
Couch - Platinum Award

Fabric: Stretchy cotton chenille, heavy density 2835 foam rubber seating, cotton felts, 1-ounce and 1/2-ounce Dacron sheets.  The
pattern repeat was centered on the sofa instead of on the individual cushion sections.  Predicting how much the deck installation
would stretch the fabric was difficult.  The skirt couldn't be stretched and the geometric pattern made it difficult to match.  
Continuous lines run around the front, side arms and back.  The pattern repeats over the back, inback, and outback.
Chair - Platinum Award

Fabric: Blue and white enlarged gingham check.  This chair would have been a simple "fluff and puff," but the curves and the plaid
made pattern matching difficult.  A silk trim sewn to skirt panels continues the flow through the folds.  The skirt took as much time
as the upholstery work.  The pattern matched around the arm fronts and sunburst pleating.