Ruby Custom
Woodcraft Inc.
Lake Ariel, Pa. 18436
Ruby Custom Woodcraft
serves residential and
commercial customers in
the design and manufac-
ture of custom furniture,
custom cabinetry, and
custom woodwork. With
our professional staff of
 experienced designers and
  craftsmen, you are assured
   the personalized service
    necessary to receive high
     quality finished products
      at a price you can afford.
          When you invest in a
       custom project from Ruby,
        not only will you add to
         your home's value, but
          also to the years of enjoy-
           ment you will get from
            having exactly what you
             want. Most importantly,
              you will never need to
               worry about product war-
                ranties, because everything
                 we build for you is
                  guaranteed for life.
                       Call us today at 570-
                   698-7741 for a FREE con-
                    sultation. We will gladly
                     discuss your specific
                      needs and recommend the
                       design perfect for your
                        taste and style of living.